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Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

The art of data science, especially for so-called “industry data scientists” (i.e. those who work within the corporate world), is slowly converging with other domains. Experts talk about the role splitting into a path that is more “business-focused” and another that is more “engineering-focused”.

Regardless of what happens, it is…

“Throw your diamonds in the sky”. The hand gesture symbolizes Jay-Z’s famous Roc-a-Fella Records camp. Photo credit: WoodysMedia on [link].

I dreamed of being a hip-hop artist for all my adolescent life. It consumed my entire world, from how I dressed, how I articulated words, what I spoke about, and, obviously, what I stored on my one-gigabyte MP3 player (remember those?). You could have called me a “hip-hop head.”


Jacob H. Marquez

Constantly curious Seattlite. Data science by day; hobbyist also during the day; Human-behavior observer always. Coffee Connoisseur by choice.

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